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Forklift rental

Forklift rental 

At rentmas you can easily rent different types of forklifts. The most common lifting capacities are between one and eight tons. We offer a wide range of forklifts with different capacities, dimensions and weights, so you can choose the right forklift for your needs. All popular size ranges are available. Electric forklifts are suitable for distances up to 2 km and offer the advantage of being quiet, clean and inexpensive to operate. If a higher lifting capacity or longer range is required, gas or diesel engines can be used. These engines are more powerful, but also cause noise and exhaust fumes during operation.

Rent a forklift today, and get started on your next project. At rentmas we have the most comprehensive selection of heavy machinery on the market. Our versatile range of forklifts is suited to any job site including Port & storage facilities, warehouses and factories.

What can forklifts do?

Forklifts move on wheels and handle flat surfaces well. Factory and warehouse floors are therefore ideal. They have driver's cabs, while wheel loaders, tractors, and excavators have driver cabins. Front forklifts are solid and robustly built, reliably protecting the driver from falling objects. Even if a pallet tips over during storage, there is little risk of major injuries.

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