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rentmas: the simple and fast way to rent construction equipment

book your heavy machinery rental in just a few steps:

  • choose a machine
  • enter the construction site location and rental period
  • select attachments
  • pay
  • get your rental and get to work!

the information you'll need to provide:

  • which machine you need
  • when and for how long you'll need to rent it
  • where your rental will need to be transported to

heavy machinery rental: quick and easy with rentmas.

a few fun facts

how rentmas is taking the market by storm

rentmas is THE sharing platform for construction machine rental. we are the bridge between machine lender and machine renter.

The rentmas map displays the live location of machines across Europe, all uploaded to the platform and ready to rent. What's the benefit? To create a new type of rental system that allows platform users to:

  • book the equipment geographically closest to them
  • shorten transport routes
  • save considerably on transport costs

other benefits of renting through rentmas:

  • you can rent a machine in just 5 minutes' time, and in as little as 60 seconds
  • transparent prices
  • the possibility to see the immediate availability of individual machines
  • renting from the largest partner network in the construction equipment industry

whatever side of the rental you're on, you can be sure rentmas will take the best care of you

additional services

rentmas has your back with more than just the rental — take advantage of the many additional services rentmas has to offer.

most additional services like transport and accessory attachments can be easily added during the booking process. others, like occupational safety courses for machine operators, can be booked separately.

a few of the additional services rentmas offers:

automatic insurance coverage when you rent with rentmas


equipment use consultation

certified training

become a rentmas partner

find your inner hero by renting your machines on rentmas. here's just a few of the benefits you'll get:

  • increase in your rental revenues
  • maintenance schedules monitored for you, so you never miss a revision
  • easy maintenance scheduling
  • automatic tracking and history of your machines' activity
  • perfectly-maintained machines
  • insurance converage
  • become an active part of the online rental world
  • always have our team of experts on your side
  • get insider tips and knowledge about future investments
  • rent through the largest partner network in the construction equipment industry


we look forward to working with you!