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If you want to be flexible and move at a steady height, then the bucket trucks, also known as truck-mounted aerial platforms, are the best choice for you. The truck platform is a converted truck that has an articulated arm and work basket. This makes them truly mobile. Select models impress not only with their height, but also with a large lateral reach. Telescopic arms allow you to work over obstacles with lower basket loads up to 12 meters. Extendable support arms ensure your safety even in rough terrain, and freely movable baskets allow maximum flexibility when working. With a wide range of models, you're sure to find what's right for your application.

Where are truck-mounted aerial platforms used?

Truck-mounted aerial platforms are a great alternative to traditional aerial platforms due to their local flexibility. They are used in various fields, including tree care, maintenance of wind turbines or antennas, work on roofs and facades, trade fair construction, and much more. Whether in construction, building management, or infrastructure work, their construction provides high stability.

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