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Rent your aerial work platforms easily with rentmas 

If you want to work safely and reliably at heights, renting an aerial work platform is your best bet. Aerial work platforms are also known as lifting platforms, cherry pickers, lifters, or boom lifts. The easiest way to rent a platform near you is through an online rental service like rentmas. Here you will find various rental companies in the field of lifting technology throughout Italy, Austria, and Germany, all united on a digital marketplace. In our search engine for aerial work platforms, you can see which platforms are available near you. You can compare prices and models. Once you have found the optimal aerial work platform, you can rent it directly online with just a few clicks. And that around the clock, without having to make a lengthy inquiry via email or phone. The technical service of the rental companies is also available to you unlimited.

Areas of application for aerial work platforms

The areas of application for aerial work platforms are diverse. Construction companies for civil and structural engineering use them as well as roofers, glass and building cleaners, installers, landscapers, or gardeners. Aerial work platforms are also used in road construction or for rescue operations. Working on uneven surfaces is no problem depending on the model. No matter which industry you are in, at rentmas, every company will find the suitable aerial work platform nearby!

How can I rent aerial work platforms?

Renting an aerial work platform on rentmas is a simple and straightforward process. Find the desired aerial work platform and complete the booking directly online with just a few clicks. Pay for the aerial work platform according to the portal conditions and receive an invoice for payment.

In which locations are aerial work platforms used?

Aerial work platforms have a wide range of applications. They are used in road construction, for example, for work on high-voltage lines, tree felling, maintenance of street lamps, and much more. They are also used for assembly work on buildings, such as transporting materials. Furthermore, aerial work platforms are also used for rescue operations where heights need to be reached.

What requirements apply to aerial work platforms?

The requirements for an aerial work platform depend on the place of use, the intended purpose, and the required working height. First, it should be clarified whether the aerial work platform is needed for indoor or outdoor use. There are special all-terrain aerial work platforms for outdoor use on uneven terrain. These often have all-wheel drive (also known as 4x4 drive), rugged tires, and powerful diesel engines.

For indoor use, the weight of the aerial work platform is an important factor to avoid damaging the floor. For outdoor use over underground garages, canals, or other sensitive surfaces, the permissible weight of the aerial work platform must also be considered. The question of how close the aerial work platform can be parked to the desired location of use is also important when selecting the appropriate aerial work platform. Articulated telescopic platforms, for example, can help overcome obstacles in the operating area.