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Wheel dumpers are true multi-functional vehicles and are used in many different areas. Whether it's construction sites, landscaping, forestry, or agile transport vehicles in the industry - at Rentmas, you will find the suitable wheel dumper for rent for every work environment and situation.

At rentmas, you have the freedom to choose the construction of the wheel dumpers. Standard versions have a rigid front axle on which the dump body is mounted. So, you need to position the vehicle correctly to unload the material. Other models are equipped with a swiveling dump body, which you can move and empty from the driver's cockpit in the desired direction.

Most wheel dumpers have front-wheel drive, which is efficient. However, there are also models with all-wheel drive. Under normal conditions and with a permissible load, there is no danger of the wheels sinking into the ground.

The situation is different on very muddy terrain. In such cases, you should opt for a wheel dumper with tracks. The robust and flexible tracks tackle almost any challenge. Sign up now at Digando and explore our other categories as well.

The type of wheel dumper you need depends mainly on what you want to transport and the quantity. The terrain and working conditions also play a role in your choice. In general, the larger the dump body, the fewer trips are required.

In some cases, it may be useful to choose a very compact wheel dumper. This applies, for example, to forestry work. It's difficult to transport wood cuts out of the forest with a regular dumper. In such situations, a smaller wheel dumper might be the better choice as its higher agility compensates for the lower payload factor.

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