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We are rentmas and we do not just rent out products and tools, but also a service. There are many different types of generators, so you can choose from many different models to meet your needs. Rent a portable generator and multiply the power of your home or business! We want to help you complete your project successfully. For us it does not matter whether our customers are private individuals or large companies. All that matters is that our customers find the best solution for their needs. Rentmas is your rental partner for portable generators.
Our customers have been very satisfied with the generators they have rented from us, especially because they were often able to save a lot of time thanks to our fast delivery times.

What does the generator do?

The generator's task is to reliably supply electrical energy to the entire electronic system of the vehicle, that is, to all electronic components, under all operating conditions. The energy is needed both for the engine and for numerous safety and comfort systems.

What are the advantages of a generator?

Gasoline-powered generators can be a powerful source of energy in crisis situations. They can generate large amounts of electrical power and operate for extended periods, which is particularly useful when needing to supply power to an entire house or a construction site for an extended period.

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