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Obendreher cranes are a special group of tower cranes that define a specific crane type. They are used on construction sites to lift goods vertically and horizontally and belong to the category of lifting equipment.

The name "Obendreher" comes from the fact that the slewing ring of the crane is located at the top of the mast, unlike "Untendreher" cranes, where the slewing ring is attached at the base of the mast. Another characteristic of Obendreher cranes is their ability to be disassembled, which means they can be transported to the place of use in individual parts. As a result, they require less space on a construction site compared to Untendreher cranes and can handle significantly higher payloads.

The main components of an Obendreher crane are the undercarriage, mast, jib, counter-jib, slewing ring, cable, cabin, tip, and warning lights.

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