Rent a mini crawler crane

Easily rent a mini crane with rentmas 

Mini cranes can be found throughout Europe with our partners. Rent a practical helper for your loads here. We won't let you down! The range of applications for mini cranes is very diverse. Depending on the type of drive, size, and construction, this type of crane is suitable for construction sites inside buildings, industrial halls, but also outdoors in the city. Models with tires stand out for their mobility. The location is very flexible, and the load can be easily transported on the construction site. Larger versions with crawler tracks are also highly mobile, and the site of use can be changed at any time after commissioning. They also excel in high performance even on uneven terrain. Smaller mini cranes with crawler tracks are very easy to transport and, thanks to their compact dimensions, can be optimally operated in hard-to-reach indoor construction sites. This way, time and costs can be saved on the construction site.

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