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Crane trucks are versatile and powerful lifting devices mounted on trucks. They combine the mobility of a truck with the lifting capabilities of a crane, making them a valuable resource on construction sites, in logistics, and in transportation.

These cranes are capable of lifting heavy loads vertically and horizontally, making the transport of heavy goods easier. Truck-mounted cranes are available in various sizes and lifting capacities to meet different requirements. They are often equipped with hydraulic booms and telescopic arms that extend their reach and increase precision during lifting.

Thanks to their flexible mobility, crane trucks can be quickly relocated from one worksite to another, making them an efficient solution for various construction projects. They are used in areas such as building construction, loading heavy goods onto trucks or ships, assembling large components, and much more.

Operating a crane truck requires experienced and well-trained crane operators to ensure that loads are lifted precisely and safely. Safety measures and precautions are crucial to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of personnel and the surrounding environment.

Overall, crane trucks are indispensable equipment in many industries, contributing to lifting heavy loads and handling demanding lifting tasks.

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