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Fixed telehandler rental

Fixed telehandler rental 

If you are looking to rent a telescopic telehandler, then you have come to the right place. Our telescopic forklifs offer you high lifting height and high lifting capacity, important features for rigid telescopic forklifts are telescopic arm adjustable in height and inclination. For fast loading and unloading, our rigid telescopic forklifts are best suited. A wide variety of attachments can be mounted and dismounted quickly and easily via an easy-to-operate hydraulic quick-change device.

What is a rigid telescopic handler suitable for?

A rigid telescopic handler reliably and efficiently performs numerous loading operations. It transports heavy and unwieldy loads across extensive areas and unpaved paths to the destination, precisely lifting them over obstacles to great heights. It loads and unloads transport vehicles, supplies conveyor and industrial systems, and handles goods.

What are the advantages of rigid telescopic handlers?

Rigid telehandlers excel in robustness, maximum off-road capability, and reliable performance power. They are designed for daily, prolonged use and withstand tough conditions on construction sites, in agriculture, logistics, and event management. With the help of the telescopic arm, these versatile machines handle loads flexibly at great heights and distances. Functional controls and a modern monitoring system support intuitive and safe operations. The extensive product variety and adaptability are also distinguishing features of rigid telescopic handlers. They are available in various sizes and with a multitude of interchangeable attachments for diverse applications. Starting from highly compact and maneuverable telehandlers to heavy-duty models with extreme lifting capacities.

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