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Crawler excavators have evolved into versatile machines in recent years. They used to be mainly used in mining, but nowadays, they can be found on every construction site, in municipal yards, and in gardening and landscaping. They are particularly suitable for excavating and backfilling trenches, as well as breaking rocks and soil. With various attachments, crawler excavators can be used for digging, hammering, gripping, cutting, or ripping tasks. Thanks to their versatility, they are extremely flexible in various work situations.

What are the Benefits of Crawler Excavators?

Crawler excavators (> 11 tons) are particularly robust due to their crawler drive and high operating weight.

What Accessories are Available for Crawler Excavators?

Depending on the available attachments, the crawler excavator can be flexibly adapted for a variety of construction tasks. There is a wide range of accessories for crawler excavators, including various types of buckets, grapples, demolition equipment, and drilling rigs. This allows the functions of the crawler excavator to be expanded according to needs, efficiently performing specific tasks.

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