Digital renting saves time and resources

What you get when you rent with rentmas

See what construction equipment is available on rentmas for immediate rental in your area.

Choose the machine and any accessory attachments you need for your next project from the platform’s extensive range of equipment.

24/7 operation

rentmas is no 9-to-5 operation, our services are available around the clock. You can book equipment at any time.

This is especially ideal for short term requests.

Need to book a last minute machine for tomorrow? No problem. You can rent it immediately on the rentmas platform.

Transparent pricing

We believe strong business relationships are established through honesty and transparency. See the final price of your rental as soon as you select the time period and location — no additional fees or costs.

Competitively low transport costs

With the real-time equipment locations, you find and can rent machinery directly in your area. Save unnecessary transportation costs and long delivery times.

Trust is important. Insurance is better.

With our included damage insurance, you are well-protected from unpleasant surprises. This allows you to dedicate all your energy to your work, while we take care of your coverage.

Additional services

Book your equipment on rentmas and we'll take care of the rest — with every rental you can choose from a range of services: transportation, machine operators, training, fuel service and much more.

Why buy when you can rent?

Renting construction equipment gives your company the advantage of having the exact collection of machines, tools and resources for every task.

And for equipment maintenance, we'll take care of that, too.

Everything you need

Renting with the rentmas platform means you constantly have a support team on your side.

Take advantage today of the freedom to rent, change or return the construction equipment of your choice at any time.

To the machines!

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