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If you want to reach high, you must dig deep. In most construction projects, an excavator is essential. However, suitable machines are not always available in your own fleet. Therefore, many companies opt to rent machines from a nearby excavator rental company instead of buying them new or used.
The easiest way to rent a crawler or wheeled excavator at a reasonable price nearby is through a renowned online rental platform like rentmas. Here, you will find various construction equipment rental companies. Various types of excavators are available throughout Italy, Austria and Germany, all gathered on a digital platform. Regardless of the construction site you're working on, you'll find the right equipment for your excavation work here! With or without delivery. In our search engine, you can see which excavators are available in your area. You can compare prices and models. Once you've found the ideal rental excavator, you can book it directly online with just a few clicks. And all this 24/7, without having to make lengthy requests via email or phone.

Rent or Buy an Excavator? The Advantages of Renting an Excavator:

Whether it's more advantageous to rent or buy an excavator depends on various factors. How often will it be needed? Will the machine be used only for a specific project? Or will occasional additional equipment be required? In these cases, it is often much more cost-effective to rent a machine from an excavator rental company rather than purchasing it. Here are some advantages of renting an excavator:
Generally more economical (short-term and long-term rentals possible)
No need for storage space
Machine does not require maintenance
Wide selection of machines and special accessories
Always up-to-date machines
Optional insurance included
Full tax deductibility

A detailed comparison of pros and cons is available in our blog article: "Construction Equipment: Rent or Buy?"
Applications of Excavators:
Excavators are used for earth-moving work, as well as in road and highway construction. They are also employed in areas such as landscaping, canal construction, digging foundations, and gardening. Excavators are also valuable in designing parks or playgrounds, as well as for laying pipes or excavating drainage channels. Additionally, they are of great help in excavation work and distributing materials such as gravel or leveling the ground. The applications for these powerful allies are diverse, which is why excavator rental companies offer various models.