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Wherefore you can rent a mini excavator?

Be it for earth-work as well as gardening or landscaping or for the private use, mini excavators are often and in all sizes requested and booked at Mini excavators are usefull at contruction sites in cities or in small gardens.
They can be perfectly used to fill hills for planting or to create ponds. Also ground leveling can be optimal done with a mini excavator. Even inside of buildings they can be used. Electric mini excavators have a great demand as they do not cause any emmission and the air stays clean.

Benefits of a mini excavator, which is often also called compact excavator or mobile excavator, are, depending on the model, relatively small dimension and low operating weight, which makes them the perfect machine for use in tight space and on ground with limited carrying capacity.
Due to the small size of the compact excavators, these machines can also be transported very easily. They can be transported with a car trailer or on the back of a truck. A very practical type of transport are other larger machines, such as wheel loaders or telehandlers, with a hitch, so two used construction machines can often be transported at the same time.

In terms of function, a mini excavator is very similar to a hydraulic excavator. Despite their smaller size, the compact excavators are just as versatile as their larger relatives. The mini excavators of the lower weight class are often produced without cab, just with a driver's seat and rollover protection. In contrast, the compact excavators with a higher net weight are often equipped with a cab. They are used, for example, for digging, for handling materials or for demolition. The mini excavator is equipped with crawler tracks and usually also with a dozer blade. In addition, various attachments can be used.

Rent mini excavator at

When looking for the right mini excavator for your construction project, you can book available machines immediately or request a specific machine that is currently in use elsewhere for a later date. In your search, please indicate the period, i.e. the planned start of the rental period and the expected end of the rental period. The place of use of the compact excavator is also crucial for your successful search, because the system shows you the machines that are close by and you save considerable transport costs.
On rentmas you will find mini excavators from many manufacturers, such as Kubota, Caterpillar, Takeuchi, Wacker Neuson, Volvo, JCB, Sany, Yanmar, Eurocomach.
Find the right mini excavator for your construction site or project on rentmas. Renting on rentmas is a snap. The booking process is completed within a few minutes and the machine arrives at the place of work with all the attachments or the specific services it needs.

Technical data of mini excavators

On rentmas you will find mini excavators with a wide range. One of the machine characteristics is the weight of the excavator. The portfolio currently ranges from a net weight of a little more than a ton to a net weight of almost 10 tons. The filter function makes it possible to display only those machines in the list and in the map that correspond to the desired net weight of the machine. Most of the mini excavators on are currently short-tail excavators. These machines are ideal for working on construction sites with limited space. However, you can also find mini excavators with a normal rear end on Most of the mini excavators on rentmas are equipped with diesel engines, but thanks to some interesting partnerships that rentmas has recently entered into, there are now also electric mini excavators and hybrid excavators. You can also filter according to the height of the machine, which ranges from one meter to four meters.
By clicking on details, many more technical properties of the respective mini excavator can be shown. For example the transport width and of course the specific, technical data sheet. The detailed view also shows the current live location of the mini excavator and whether it is currently in operation or can be rented immediately. Of course, before choosing the machine, you can see the basic rent per day transparently.

Attachments and services for renting yor mini excavator

As soon as you have found the right machine for your construction site, you can choose the right accessories for your job from a wide range of attachments. For example, you can choose from many different buckets for your rental mini excavator: everything is possible from the standard bucket in different sizes through the skeleton bucket, to the tilting ditching bucket. Of course, depending on the machine, you can also have the demolition hammer or wood grapple delivered for the rental period. Here, too, you can see very transparently what the respective attachments for your mini excavator cost per day.
You can also choose from an extensive range of various additional services for your machine rental. For example, you can make use of the tank service and cleaning service at your location. You can easily choose whether you prefer to pick up the machines yourself or whether you want to get the machine delivered and picked up or get the transport arranged by rentmas. The services also include insurance and disinfection. Of course, strict adherence to the hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus (COVID 19) is part of the daily routine of the rentmas team.