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Loaders impress with their compact dimensions and agility, which is particularly advantageous on tight construction sites. They are often equipped with tiltable buckets that are ideal for transporting various construction materials. However, a loader is also not afraid to move heavy and bulky objects. For example, you can transport bricks, cement bags, or tools in it. However, always observe the safety rules for accident prevention.

Many buckets can be tilted in one direction, while other models allow tilting in two directions. Some models have the bucket mounted on a swivel joint, allowing it to be rotated at the push of a button. Before renting a loader, take a look at the bucket volume. The larger it is, the more it can hold. A larger bucket saves trips, which is reflected in shorter working times and lower fuel costs.

In this category, you will also find many construction machines that have buckets replaced by shovels and other lifting devices. These are often front loaders. They are also compact and agile. These powerful construction assistants are used for leveling and earthworks. When equipped with forks, they are also suitable for inserting concrete pipes into excavated trenches during sewer installation.

How to Rent Loaders Nearby: Here's How It Works

At Rentmas, you can easily and affordably rent any desired loader. With our strong service and product variety, we cover the entire construction site needs. We work with providers of construction vehicles from Italy, Germany, and Austria.

What are Dumpers Used For?

Dumpers are versatile and are characterized in their application areas by powerful drives, the size of the bucket, and the implementation of the tipping mechanism. Particularly powerful construction vehicles of this type are used in open-pit mining, quarries, or gravel plants, where they collect the extracted bulk materials and transport them to crushers and conveyor systems, for example. Above a certain size, dumpers are no longer approved for public road traffic due to their high own weight.