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Renting a telescopic handler is especially beneficial when the loading or unloading point is hard to reach, and the materials need to overcome significant heights and distances. An example is canal construction, where concrete pipes must be safely stacked in trucks in two or three layers. With a telescopic handler, you can directly transport them from the loading platform to the excavated canal trenches. In multi-story building construction, there is no need to carry construction materials up the stairs. A telescopic handler easily handles the lower levels, saving you a lot of time and effort if there is enough space.

Renting a telescopic handler also makes sense in the machinery and tool industry. Some parts are so heavy that conventional forklifts reach their limits. Storing or loading such heavy parts quickly becomes an impossible task.

In what context are telescopic handlers used?

Telescopic handlers are used in various areas, including the construction industry, public works, agriculture, and the industrial sector. Thanks to their structure, telescopic handlers can reach significant heights. These construction machines are ideal for loading and stacking loads both at ground level and at several meters in height.