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A jumping jack is a hand-guided compaction device used in the construction industry. The jumping jack consists of an engine and a plate at the bottom, which generates high-frequency vertical vibrations.

The main function of the jumping jack is to compact the soil or other materials, such as sand or gravel, by compressing them with the vibration movements. This leads to increased density and stability of the soil, which is particularly important when creating a solid base for roads, sidewalks, or foundations.

Thanks to their compact size and maneuverability, jumping jacks can also be used in tight or hard-to-reach areas where larger compaction devices cannot be used. They are ideal for smaller construction works and repairs.

Operating a jumping jack requires some experience and knowledge to adjust the correct pressure and suitable vibration frequency. However, the use of jumping jacks contributes to increasing the efficiency of compaction work and improving the quality of construction projects.

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