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The advantages of articulating aerial platforms:

With articulating aerial platforms, it is possible to transport heavy objects or more people. They are designed for higher loads compared to, for example, trailer-mounted aerial platforms. Unlike scissor lift platforms, they can move not only vertically but also laterally. Their lateral reach can go up to 20 meters. Thanks to the mobile and rotating platform, virtually any angle can be reached. Furthermore, the platform allows for changing positions at full working height. They are also used in confined spaces as they require less ground space compared to other aerial platforms. This makes them suitable for narrow passages as well. Articulating aerial platforms are ready for use immediately as they do not need to be stabilized like a mini crane, for example. Additionally, the setup and dismantling of scaffolding are not required.

Applications of articulating aerial platforms:

Those who need to reach elevated places where obstacles are present should rent this type of aerial platform. It is particularly well-suited when, for example, ditches, rivers, roads, or rows of parking need to be overcome. It is also used in intricate or particularly tight locations, such as for repair work on roofs or in crowded production and machinery halls. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The activities that can be performed with the help of an articulating aerial platform are diverse: from assembly, maintenance, repair, and installation to painting and cleaning work on facades and walls, warehouse operations, or setup and dismantling work at events and fairs, everything is possible. Due to its technical structure, its use on uneven surfaces is not recommended. Articulating aerial platforms are not designed for off-road use. 

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