UncategorizedPartner care guru Giacomo sitting on a wooden table at Bauma, drawing attention to the rentmas sign behind him.

An exceptionally lively, exciting week filled with both new and familiar faces. At Bauma, everyone was talking about rentmas, the digital platform for heavy equipment rentals. Over the course of the fair’s seven days some serious tour de force projects were unveiled to the international market!

Welcome to the Bauma whirlwind: jump in!

There was a proper hustle and bustle of activity around the rentmas stand for the entire week of the 34th edition of Bauma, the world’s largest trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

Giacomo and Caro from the rentmas team were immersed in a nonstop whirlwind throughout the event to explain exactly what is so unique and impressive about rentmas.

Their time at the fair flew by with one appointment after the next. Interesting conversations with booth guests, and visits to the many construction equipment rental company clients who, already convinced of the innovative concept of rentmas, are already partners.

rentmas at Bauma: Decidedly international

Booth visitors came from Germany, Austria, and Italy, as well as the rest of Europe and even overseas. Interest in the rentmas platform also came from companies from the U.S., Canada, and South America. The future that lies ahead is decidedly international.

At Bauma, moments of discussion were aplenty. Many people were curious to understand what distinguishes rentmas from other players in networked digitalization. What does rentmas do differently? It focuses primarily on working directly with professional renters and customizing solutions that consistently offer the best result.

rentmas gained popularity because of these three things…

rentmas was traveling around Bauma by word of mouth. Why? The company’s three new innovations: the Partner App, the new white label, and the simulation demo of construction equipment features.

construction rental company owner uses a tablet to order machine on app for heavy equipment rental
Use a tablet to rent heavy equipment. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • The partner app is a smartphone app where professional renters can quickly and intuitively manage all the machinery they have on rentmas (more about the partner app here).
  • The white label allows the renter to integrate their fleet of machines on his or her own company website. The best part? It’s under their own brand, with the help of the rentmas digital platform.
  • The last but not least exciting pilot project unveiled at Bauma? The simulation demo of construction equipment features. Yes, that’s right. It’s now official! Soon rentmas platform users will be able to demonstrate the functions of the machines they rent to construction equipment operators in an entirely digital format! This will save professional renters time, as they won’t have to explain the functions of rented machines in person. The user will be able to move around and learn about the machine independently in a 3D virtual space.

Giacomo and Caro from the rentmas Partner Care department for Germany, Austria and Italy, together with Daniela and Manuel, the founders of rentmas, made new contacts and further expanded the partner network. Amidst the many appointments of the week, a visit to the German Association of the Construction Industry, and Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (VBDUM), could not be missed.

In fact, just the week before Bauma, rentmas presented at an event organized in cooperation with VDBUM. Along with network partner Lectura GmbH, a leading company in machinery data analysis and business intelligence, new projects were born. Participants were filled with curiosity which led some interesting discussions such as automatic rental price calculation.

Partner requests were the icing on the cake

Construction rental equipment partner care gurus Giacomo (left) and Caro (right) manning the rentmas booth at Bauma
Partner care gurus Giacomo (left) and Caro (right).

Bauma led to many requests for new partners in both Germany and Austria. Now the team is working to add thousands of additional and new machines to the platform.

The range of machines on the rentmas platform available for professional renters and for rental to their customers is constantly growing.

Johann Gruber, authorized representative of Web-Stapler, is among those interested in becoming a rentmas partner. Gruber said “we value the collaboration with rentmas and plan to continue growing with them.”

Web-Stapler is an Austrian company who is well established among the leading forklift and lifting equipment sales and rental companies in southern Austria’s Carinthia region.

Saving the day and going home happy

It also happened that during the Bauma trade fair week, Web-Stapler had to fulfill a rental request for one of its customers that, thanks to rentmas, was a seamless success. This goes to show how easy the rentmas system is to use, even when people need to be on the road.

The rentmas team standing at their booth at Bauma in front of a poster about the evolution of the construction renter.
Some of rentmas’s finest, from right to left: Giacomo, Caro and Daniela.

The entire rentmas team left Bauma with a resounding feeling of success and satisfaction. The many conversations over the week sent the team home with interesting suggestions that will lay the groundwork for new projects: some digital, but most certainly some international.

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