Rent Wheel loader in Switzerland and surrounding areas

Rent Wheel loader in Switzerland

Rent a wheel loader easily at rentmas | Switzerland 

Rentmas is here to help you get your hands on the best wheel loader rental around. We have a wide variety of options available, from small electric ones to huge gas-powered models. Our equipment is safe and reliable.

At rentmas we're all about getting you the right tool for the job. Whether your job is construction, earthmoving or recycling, we're here to help you get it done.
So whether you need a wheel loader for transportation work, snow removal, or just something to attach to your truck that makes moving stuff around easier, we've got you covered.

Our equipment can be used for any occasion—just book online. We're always happy to help!

Applications for wheel loaders

Wheel loaders are robust, agile, powerful, and highly versatile. They can move bulk material and other materials or load and transport over short distances. Depending on the site of use, there are various attachments available, such as buckets, augers, milling attachments, grapples, or pallet forks. Many models come equipped with a hydraulic quick-change system, enabling easy and quick switching of attachments. Wheel loaders are also used in the municipal road services, for example, with snowplow blades or sweeping attachments. In winter, these construction machines help to clear streets and sidewalks of snow, while in summer, they keep the roads clean. They can even be used for minor earthmoving tasks, such as moving soil with a bucket. Therefore, wheel loaders are also commonly found in gardening and landscaping.

Which wheel loader is the right one?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to which wheel loader is the right one. It always depends on various factors: What is the site of use, and what tasks are at hand? There are both small and large models available. If the site of use is only accessible through tight spaces, it's advisable to rent a mini wheel loader, which stands out for its compact design. If the wheel loader is to be used in underground garages or urban areas, specific emissions regulations must be adhered to. In such cases, smaller machines or electrically powered wheel loaders are often rented.
The type of work to be performed with the wheel loader also plays a role in selecting the right equipment. For example, if earth or bulk material is to be moved, the capacity of the bucket is a crucial criterion. Many of the rental machines can be equipped with buckets of different sizes. Each wheel loader model provides detailed information such as dimensions, bucket width, operating weight, and payload. This makes it easy to decide which wheel loader is suitable for your requirements.

Where can you rent a wheel loader?

Our search engine provides an overview of all available wheel loaders in your area, from mini wheel loaders to large machines. You simply need to select the category, location of use, and start date, and you'll receive a list with prices and daily costs.

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